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Training and Clinical Consultation for Professionals

With Rachel Forbes, LCSW

As a Korean American adoptee, the multi-layered complexities within the inter-country, transracial, and transcultural adoption community has been both my lived experience and a professional passion. When discussing the adoption constellation, the mainstream narrative often highlights the gratitude and beauty, yet dismisses the hardships. While there are many joys and gifts in adoption, there are also wounds and burdens that need significant care. Additionally, as we are now more deeply understanding the importance of emotional presence, attuned attachment, identity, and consequences of systems of oppression, it is important to continuously reflect on our practices and perspectives to continue to grow in the most supportive ways possible.

My own inner work as an adoptee, and learning from my incredible mentors, have led me to become a passionate advocate for the therapeutic approach, Internal Family Systems (IFS). In both my personal and professional experience, I’ve found it to be inclusive and non-judgmental towards all parts of a person’s life experience, belief system, and decision making. I believe IFS, in combination with somatic work, offers trauma-informed healing tools that tend to the nervous system in a way that can be transformational for those who have a history of complex trauma. I truly love to share this model, particularly in the context of working with adoptees, with other mental health practitioners.

I am a firm believer in the healing extension of giving to others that which we have both received and needed ourselves. I feel so passionately about both the complexities and healing capacities within the adoptee experience, and it is an honor and privilege for me to be able to “pay it forward.” I offer both my lived experience and holistic therapeutic knowledge in the forms of professional training and individual clinical consultation. The intention in these group and individual spaces is to open conversations and identify ways to support adoptees’ healing and adoptive families’ harmony.

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Past Training Events:

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June 18, 2021

Connecticut Council on Adoption: Continuing the Conversation - Supporting Black and Asian Transracial Adoptees with Mary Harris Miller (CEC’s available)

Listen to Rachel talk about the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Modality here:

"Adoptees Dish" Podcast hosted by Amy Wilkerson and Marcella Moslow: "Exploring Internal Family Systems with Adoptees"

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“Psych Talk Podcast” hosted by Jessica Leigh, PhD: “Internal Family Systems with Rachel Forbes, LCSW”

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"Not Your Ordinary Parts" Podcast hosted by Jalon Johnson: "IFS and the Power of Holistic Healing"

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