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Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy for Individuals

Drawing largely from Internal Family Systems (IFS) and somatic (in-body) work, we use both talk therapy and mind-body practices to help you tune into what’s happening internally. We bring our attention to patterns, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and/or behaviors that can feel unmanageable, overwhelming, or perhaps even like barriers to your feeling like your true self. Within the work, we also strengthen and reconnect with your own Self-energy (your essence of being, the You who feels most like You), in order to help, hold, and heal what has brought you to therapy.

Therapeutic Techniques

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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems therapy is a holistic approach to psychotherapy that acknowledges the natural multiplicity of a person's mind. The grounding assumption posits that there are no bad parts of a person, and the intention is to create inner harmony with all parts. When we learn how to access our "Self," we are able to help both protective parts of ourselves and parts who carry wounds.

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Attachment Based Therapy

The aim of attachment-based therapy is to get to know thoughts, feelings and communications that we have learned throughout our life experiences, particularly in our attachments and relationships to other people.

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Mindfulness training is a type of therapy in which clients learn to release judgment towards themselves, and in this practice, increase self-awareness and ability to be in the present moment.​

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Person Centered Therapy

Person-Centered therapy relies on the individual's unique perception and experience, honoring that a person understands and knows their inner world best.

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Polyvagal Theory

This theory, developed by Stephen Porges, includes understanding the varying roles of our autonomic nervous system, deepening our understanding and identifying practices to regulate our physiological responses to stress.

Schedule an Individual Therapy Session


WORKING WITH RACHEL: The out-of-pocket fee is $150.00 per 50-minute session. Rachel also accepts Husky/Medicaid, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Optum,  Aetna, and United Healthcare insurance, with which you are only responsible for your plan’s co-payment. 

Both in-person and virtual sessions are offered, whichever is most convenient for you.

Complimentary 1-hour Initial Consultations Available.

Listen to Rachel talk about the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Modality here:

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“Psych Talk Podcast” hosted by Jessica Leigh, PhD: “Internal Family Systems with Rachel Forbes, LCSW”

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"Not Your Ordinary Parts" Podcast hosted by Jalon Johnson: "IFS and the Power of Holistic Healing"

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